Booking Step by Step


There are of course different ways to book your trip depending if you are looking for a particular boat or any selected time frame or offers on a chosen destination.

A) Choose your Boat

Just browse the boat listing on this page : BOAT LISTING and you can find it in alphabetical order from A to Z. Then you click on your boat and you will find all information about it, between the boat general information and the cabin details, you will find the dates and availabilities for this liveaboard. Orange pricing means the trip is in promotion. Once you click on a selected trip/date, you will land on the page to select your cabin, number of spaces and apply you discount coupon if you have one.

B) OR Select your travel dates

On the top left of the page you will see a SEARCH link that will allow you to land on the coming trips page for our worlwide destinations. From this page you will see the trips departing 7 days later as this is a minimum time required for us to get everything sorted for you, in some particular occasion of urgent booking with departure in the next 2-6 days, it will be best to contact us by the CHAT Window or send us an email. On the left side you can choose your destination, departure date and return date, then click on FIND YOUR CRUISE. The results displayed will match your request, then you can navigate to the trip you are interested in and use the BACK/PREVIOUS button of your browser to come back to the search results. You can also use the filter on the left and click APPLY FILTER to see which liveaboards are matching your request.

C) OR Select your destination

Just browse the destination listing on this page : DESTINATION LISTING and you can find it in alphabetical order from A to Z. When you click on the destination, you will find all the information about it, few tips and the recommended liveaboards for this destination. At the end of this page you will find the schedule of trips for the selected destination, liveaboards offering it, availability for any chosen boat and the price from (the cheapest cabin of the boat). When you see the ORANGE arrow, it means that this price is discounted, original price will be shown if you click on it.


Here you can review what is included or excluded in the cost of the cruise, this information is subject to change without prior notice so it carries just informational purpose, for every confirmed booking before your agreement and before payment you will see up to date inclusions/exclusions stated on your invoice, it can be similar to those shown on our website or can have some little changes. Please also take a look at this important link:
Extra Informations from "Official Website We encourage you to click on it (it will open a new tab aside the Dive Abroad page) and get all the information you need from the Official Boat website as itinerary, prices, extra to pay onboard, sometimes their show their availability. After you are confident with all these infos, you can come back to the Dive Abroad page/tab and place your booking with us. You can see the total price showing 0 € , at this point you can use the currency converter on the top right of the window if you prefer another one. Under the total price, there is our COUPON CODE system, this is where you can write down you code to see your discount displayed, it will work only after you choose your cabin type and quantity. Once you choose the spaces you wanted, you can click on BOOK or CONFIRM to proceed with you booking and land on your the info and payment information page.


Landing here means you know that you really want these spaces and are ready to participate in the trip, however, it doesn’t yet mean it is completely confirmed. As soon as you have filled your personal information and payment details, one of our agents will contact the boat to book you onboard and from there we will come back to you quickly to confirm your booking with all the details. You will receive a Proforma invoice for your aggreement and once you agree we will perfom the debit of your credit card. Case by case we can debit partial amount as required by the boat or full amount, in most of the case 3 months before departure the full amount is due, more than this it’s usually possible to proceed in 2 times (deposit 30% / balance 70% or deposit 50% / balance 50%). At this time you can also decide to pay by Bank transfer SWIFT or SEPA, Alipay, Paypal or Digital currency (BTC/ETH/LTC) for partial or full amount. If you decide for any means of payment stated above other than your credit card, we will realease your credit card pre-payment and you will have to send us a proof of payment in 48h following the reception of our invoice. There are no extra fees for paying for your trip with us, neither booking fees nor processing fees, what you see on your invoice is what you pay to us. Once your payment is confirmed you will receive your voucher and your link to our GIS (Guest Information Sytem) in order to have all your details forwarded to the liveaboard.


At any time during the process and for any reason you can use our CHAT system on the lower-right side of the page to speak with one of us and obtains replies to your questions.