Australia is a unique country, comprised of the states of Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory, as well as the island state of Tasmania. Each state in this country offers different diving environments that you could spend months to explore. From the northern tip of the world famous Great Barrier Reef on Australia’s east coast, all the way around to pristine dive conditions off Western Australia, the diving choices are immense...

Liveaboard Diving Regions :

The Great Barrier Reef
Everyone knows that Queensland boasts the world’s largest coral reef system, known collectively as the Great Barrier Reef, it can literally be seen from outer space. The marine biodiversity of the entire area includes more than 1,500 fish species, 400 soft and hard coral species, nearly 30 different species of whales, and 6 sea turtle species which use the reef system as a place to breed and lay eggs. The Great Barrier Reef truly stands as one of the great natural wonders of the world.

There are only a handful of liveaboard operators running extended diving trips to the outer reefs in the north of the Great Barrier Reef. Places like Lizard Island, Ribbons Reef, Osprey and Shark Reefs in the Coral Sea are only accessible by these vessels. All liveaboards to these northern Great Barrier Reef regions depart regularly from Cairns.

In general, there are 3 different liveaboard diving routes in the The Great Barrier Reef area:

3D/3N Cod Hole & Ribbon Reefs
This itinerary is best for average and beginner divers, it includes some of the best Outer Great Barrier Reef has to offer. This itinerary often includes a low level scenic flight over the Reef to Lizard Island for a bird’s eye view of some of the reefs you’ll be diving.

4D/4N Coral Sea & Ribbon Reefs
This itinerary is best for advanced divers with min. 20 logged dives, It not only includes the Cod Hole and Ribbon Reef area, but also included place like Osprey Reef, Holmes and Bougainville in the Coral Sea. This itinerary also often includes a low level scenic flight over the Reef to Lizard Island for a bird’s eye view of some of the reefs you’ll be diving.

7D/7N Cod Hole, Ribbon Reefs, & Coral Sea
This itinerary is a fabulous 450 mile expedition combines adventure diving in the Coral Sea with superb Great Barrier Reef marine biodiversity. It includes Cod Hole, Ribbon Reefs, Osprey Reef. Combines the 4 night Fly Dive Coral Sea expedition with the 3 night Fly Dive Cod Hole expedition, making a fantastic and varied loop. There is no scenic flight included in this itinerary however you can enjoy a few hours exploring Lizard Island mid-expedition.

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