If you are in love with the ocean, Mexico can be a truly paradise for you! As a scuba diver, i believe that Mexico is definitely on your wish lists. In between of the Atlantic, the Pacific, the Caribbean and a freshwater cave system, Mexico has something for every type of diving preference!

On the eastern coast, casual divers can enjoy the tropical warm and clear blue waters with the Bull sharks in Playa Del Carmen from Nov. to Mar. every year. Or head to Mujeres Island during Jun. to Sep, where annually boasts the largest congregations of whale sharks at any one time.

There are many amazing amount of caves to be explore around the Yucatan Peninsula. These caves connect cenotes, or underwater sink-holes, which are found in the jungle and can lead out through an extensive underground cave system to the sea.

On the western coast of the country, there is Guadalupe Island, where the best cage diving with Great White sharks happens during Jul to Nov. Here divers can see these majestic animals with crystal clear visibility for more than 30 meters. The Sea of Cortez is a magic place, You might get a glimpse of mackerels, jacks, snapper, eagle rays, mobula rays, cownose rays and, with any luck, scalloped hammerhead sharks or silky sharks. Further out to sea off of the Pacific Ocean coast, there is Socorro Islands, which is consider a dreamland for divers.

Liveaboard Diving Regions :

Socorro Islands | Revillagigedo Islands
The Socorro islands are located 250 nautical miles (400 kilometers) off the Baja Peninsula in the Pacific Ocean. These islands are famous for their pelagic encounters ranging from humpback whales to hammerheads and Giant Oceanic Manta Rays. Our Dive and Cruise team members are in love with this place, go there, it won’t disappointed you!

Sea of Cortez
Sea of Cortez is located between the Baja Peninsula and mainland Mexico, where you can encounter sea lions, hundreds of bonitos / skip jacks, surrounded by hammerhead sharks, Oceanic Manta rays, Whale shark, white tips, silver tips, silky sharks, and thousands of Mobula rays, sometimes with whale sightings...

Guadalupe Island
This is the best place for cage diving with Great White sharks! Guadalupe Island is located in the Pacific Ocean approximately 165 miles west of Ensenada, Mexico. The visibility is often more than 30 meters, great for viewing, photography and video of great white sharks! Liveaboard trips to Guadalupe island is not only open to divers, non-divers are also welcome to dive with the Great White sharks!

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