Palau is one of the first dive destinations in the world, diving magazines continues to boast of this destination as a heaven of beauty. Its terrain very special delight all lovers of the sea, between tunnels, channels, passes and sea mounts, the types.

You can see big on sites like Blue Corner, New Drop Off, towards the Blue Hole you can enjoy the skylights and natural chapels in the well, making this site a religious aspect. Other favourite sites divers are German Channel, Chandelier Cave, Peleliu, Siaes Tunnel, Ulong Channel, and the various wrecks around.

If you can Extend your trip to Yap or Truk Lagoon then we can advice you how to do with the United Airlines Flights as this is really particular with mainly night flights. You will need to have at least 3 weeks of free time to enjoy 1 week in Palau and 1 week in Yap or Truk.

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