The country of Sudan is located directly south from Egypt, and has an 853 km (530 mi) coastline bordering the Red Sea. Because of it’s isolation and previous internal conflicts, the diving from Sudan has mainly been unexplored. But now, some operators are running liveaboard trips directly from the country along it’s coastal waters out to some fantastic dive sites, which rival even the best Egypt has to offer. And the biggest advantage is the lack of tourists here. Most sites are completely empty all day, and you rarely have to share a sit with another group of divers, making Sudan quite contrasting with Egypt in this respect.

Trips depart and return from Port Sudan, north of the International Airport. There are two main routes that liveaboards take; either a more traversed northern routes which includes dive sites and reefs closer to the shore; or the southern route, which takes divers to the rarely visited islands and reefs in the Suakin Archipelago. The northern and central routes are the most well known and dived due to their closeness to Port Sudan. Here divers find healthy reefs with loads of fish, much like the southern sites in Egypt, but with less divers.

But the real jewel of Sudan are the southern dive sites. Here in the Suakin Archipelago, boats are far enough from Port Sudan and without comfortable lagoon anchorages, so that it is rare to see any other boats in the entire region. These sites are all about the pelagic fish and sharks of all kinds. Here it is possible to see hammerheads, tigers, oceanic white tips and bull sharks along with many schools of barracudas, jacks, and tunas. For southern route cruises, it is recommended to have at least 100 logged dives and your advanced certification.

The seasons for diving are mostly in the hot summer months, when water temperatures are warmest, but liveaboards operate here year round. During the winters, cold air and water dominate, but it give an excellent chance to see larger predator sharks. But for southern cruises, it is possible only in April - May and June or October.

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